Westworld - Season 4 - New Evolved Drone - Sketches

One of the sketch option layouts for Westworld Season 4, The Evolved Drone character concept. #31 was the sketch we chose to develop further. My preferred design process begins with 2D sketching to flush out as many designs as possible, while we are still exploring the limitations / parameters of our design objective. This is also the time to get the wildest ideas out and gauge how the client reacts! It's actually a lot of fun finding where the Director or client reigns in the design, and sometimes, when the client is a little to loose and vague with the feedback, we throw in an absurd / out there design that should elicit a response, just to see what they say. Every client / director has their own aesthetic and preferences with concept art. Some like sketchy traditional drawings, some like photobashed images, and yet others prefer that feel of 3D.